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Rezz has announced that she is releasing a single this month before moving towards a potential bass music era. She posted that her newest endeavor has been making 140-150 BPM tracks. Known for her distinct midtempo music, the direction she is taking is exciting and is set to be as hypnotizing as ever. 

Based on what Rezz has shared, she is transferring her moody sound to higher tempos with wonky bass. Several electronic artists have expressed their own readiness for what is to come from Rezz. The clips she posted on Instagram also have confirmed collaborations with Blanke and VOYD (SVDDEN DEATH)

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After revealing the musical direction she will be taking, Subtronics chimed in, letting her know that he has plenty of works-in-progress to send over. Rezz welcomed the idea wholeheartedly, writing that she was already waiting impatiently. The two previously collaborated on “Puzzle Box,” released in 2022. 

INZO also hopped on the thread, replying with a series of emojis. Rezz replied with a simple winky face emoticon, adding fuel to the largely burning fire. The pair have not worked together in the past, making both sets of listeners intrigued.

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Rezz is undoubtedly an impactful electronic music producer and one who has curated such a dynamic sound that the phrase, “This sounds like Rezz,” is commonplace. Earlier this year, Rezz dropped ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE,’ a punk-inspired EP

The artist has gone in many directions and her newest is causing just as much stir as previous eras. Her Instagram post sharing six clips has already garnered plenty of support. While we wait for Rezz’s latest work to come out, listen to the EP here: 

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