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In a video essay format, Porter Robinson revealed that he has finished his third album. The video had appeared on his YouTube channel on the last day of February with a narrator from 2028. He claimed that the artist had disappeared from social media and deleted his music on March 1st of this year. 

The video goes through Porter Robinson’s experience as he gained popularity and lost inspiration. It suddenly cut to a frame that read “It’s done,” before his website flashed faintly. A countdown started on the website on March 1st. When time ran out, the screen changed to pink with text confirming the album is done.

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Porter Robinson shook the electronic music community further when he uploaded a video teasing new music with a hyperpop feel. The snippet sounds melodic, heavy on the synths, and evokes the same emotional response as past releases. A caricature of the producer covers his face as lasers surround him and the unreleased song plays out.

The third album will follow his 2014 debut, Worlds, and his last album Nurture. The latter came out in 2021 and went on to earn a nomination from the Billboard Music Awards. Since then, Porter Robinson has teamed up with the video game “League of Legends” and Skrillex

Fans and other artists have given the artist overwhelming support and shown excitement for the upcoming record. No release date has come out but there is speculation that it may drop around his birthday. Fans can sign up for notifications about releases and shows on the producer’s official website.

With a wiped Instagram account and little information, Porter Robinson is fully diving into a new era with his third album. Watch “The Day Porter Robinson Deleted All His Music” here: 

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