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In a recent post, Ganja White Night explained that they had taken a break from social media to focus purely on making music outside of time limits and boundaries. The genuine caption described the pressures of social media and how they had taken the opportunity to collaborate and grow. With the explanation came clips of five unreleased tracks. 

All of the IDs can be identified as Ganja White Night songs with deep, wobbly bass. The first is groovy with a reggae vibe while the second is filled with bass as a British grime MC raps on top. The next two change the pace with drum and bass before the last slows it down. 

Ganja White Night wrote, “As an artist, it’s hard to completely step away from all the noise at times, but I guess I just wanna say that I feel really good not feeling these pressures and just focusing on the music.” The artists also revealed that they worked with other producers as a result of their hiatus. This led to their confirmation about the IDs being collaborations with artists including Subtronics, Wooli, Mr. Bill, and Boogie T.

The slides are works in progress, so there is no telling how the finished versions will sound. The caption ended with excitement about future music and events from the bass producers. Following the five unreleased tracks, Ganja White Night uploaded a video teasing more drum and bass and announced the third annual Wobble Coliseum

Widely regarded as some of the best to create wobble bass, Benjamin Bayeul and Charlie Dodson have created an entire universe with their music. They have built a core following that encourages experimental and weird bass music

Little else has been shared about the duo’s upcoming releases, but their return to social media implies that it may be sooner rather than later. Until then, listen to Unity, the latest album from Ganja White Night here: 

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