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Make way for a new EDM supergroup. Kayzo, MUST DIE!, and Space Laces have announced their latest project, HIVEMIND. The announcement video has filmed the three standing on concrete walls at two angles. A menacing instrumental builds and creates anticipation before the producers have walked out of the shot. 

The bass artists have not officially released music together, making the reveal of HIVEMIND surprising and intriguing. Space Laces and MUST DIE! went back-to-back almost four years ago, and the community agrees that a reunion has been long overdue. The group has officially joined the BULLSEYE! Music Festival lineup, confirming their premiere in California. 

They have released little information about the collaboration, but HIVEMIND debuting at a Basscon event implies a dive into hard dance music. Basscon has been a leader in promoting all variations of high-tempo music since 2013. From hardstyle to hard house to uptempo, the brand has continued establishing its presence in dance music. 

Kayzo has been in the game since 2012, hitting the hardstyle scene running. Since then, he has evolved to make other types of music but kept an aggressive sound. Dubstep producers MUST DIE! and Space Laces launched the same year, later releasing dynamic albums that exceeded musical boundaries. 

hivemind poster

On top of HIVEMIND, Space Laces is also in Masterhand with SVDDEN DEATH and EPTIC. With all of the creativity in dubstep currently, fans are excited for him, Kayzo, and MUST DIE! to team up. No one knows what the three are planning, but HIVEMIND is expected to make a wave in hard music.

All three are talented in their own right, taking bass music to different places. Catch the group’s debut at BULLSEYE! in California on December 9. Until then, stay updated on their social media and get ready for the bass. 

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