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On September 15th, Rezz and other producers are entrancing Frost Amphitheater in California, for HypnoVizion’s first label-curated event: Frostvizion. The Canadian producer announced her label at the end of 2022, expressing her passion for the project and anticipation to support and work with new artists. 

According to Rezz, FrostVizion is serving as the first of a few major events put on by HypnoVizion. Dr. Fresch, Ivy Lab, and sfam are support for the event, each bringing their own unique, dark takes on electronic music in addition to Rezz’s own distinct sound.

Dr. Fresch has been in the scene for a decade, creating mid-tempo music with bass and hip-hop influences. He has released over five compilation albums with his Caller ID and Best of the Year volumes, along with independent releases reflecting his moody house. Both Rezz and Dr. Fresch are playing at Imagine Music Festival in Georgia this fall. 

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Ivy Lab has been perfecting their dubstep since 2013. They have created touched every genre in electronic music, keeping their tracks interesting with chill, vibey tracks, and experimental dubstep songs. The duo will be joining Rezz at her fifth annual Rezz Rocks in Morrison, Colorado, on September 1st. 

Experimental bass duo sfam is changing up the game with their distinct sound and low frequencies. The two producers debuted in 2016, picking up speed quickly. Rezz and sfam will be playing Hangout Fest this May.

Leading up to FrostVizion, Rezz is playing shows in North America and Europe from April until September. Get the full list of her upcoming shows here. The cult of Rezz sold out Frost Amphitheater last year and there is no doubt that tickets will go fast. Register for the presale here

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