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It has been over a week since UK drum and bass label WORSHIP concluded its 2024 North American tour. Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, and 1991 played eight shows from March 15th to March 30th. The four WORSHIP producers made their way to Mission Ballroom in Denver for the second-to-last show. 

The approximately 4,000-capacity venue had completely sold out hours before doors opened, implying that entering the venue would be an experience in and of itself. The crowd spread from back to front and top to bottom, making navigation through the sea of people a journey. Despite a growing amount of fans, it was clear that everyone was there for a good time.

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The show began with SAVAGE, followed by 1991 who had control of the crowd the entire set despite performing in an earlier slot. Anytime he called for fans to put their hands up, they reacted accordingly and for good reason. 1991 has a stellar stage presence as he mixes and dances, playing VIPs of original tracks and remixes of well-known songs like “One More Time” and “Mercy.” 

The artists were spotlighted with lights at the top of the stage while a light strip in front of the deck followed the beat with varying colors. A huge crowd of fans gathered behind the DJs, all dancing to the drum and bass. 

One of the biggest pops the DJ got was when he mixed “leavemealone” into Flume’s remix of “Tennis Court” and then dropped a drum and bass flip. As balloons floated around the venue, Culture Shock made his way to the stage and immediately sent the tone with hardstyle and techno. A security guard paced the rail, carrying a water bottle sitting on top of a colored flashlight. 

Culture Shock teased new music toward the end of his set and his remix of “Airplanes” into Grafix’s bootleg of “Bangarang.” The DJ kept the crowd dancing as everyone prepared for Dimension to take the stage. Dimension brought the heat with minimalistic drum and bass, along with songs like “MHITR (Semi Automatic)” and “Dominate.”

By the time Sub Focus took the stage, Denver was warmed up and ready for what he had prepared. Songs spanning from “Like A G6” to “leavemealone” took over Mission Ballroom, earning excited cheers and jumping fans. The artist played original songs, primarily those off his latest album Evolve

His crowd favorite “Off The Ground” was transformed with added bass that shook the venue. He was later joined by Dimension for “Ready To Fly.” WORSHIP’s stop at Mission Ballroom was a party from beginning to end with good vibes and good music. The sold-out show is surely giving the impression that drum and bass is alive and well in Denver.

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Photo courtesy of Mission Ballroom

There is no telling what is coming next from WORSHIP, but the record label and its artists are continuously playing around the world. The group is returning for EDC Las Vegas in May. Check out the label’s official website for information on upcoming releases and shows. 






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