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Odesza’s career as a legendary dance music producer duo has been an endless cycle of making waves and dropping unforgettable tracks known and played out globally. This last year, Odesza was one of few authentic dance music artists nominated for a Grammy with “The Last Goodbye: in that category. This huge milestone for the industry is sure to shine through to generations to come. 

With each sold-out show and each top-tier track or album following one another, Odesza has built a fanbase like no other and released music that captivated the hearts of the entire world, even those who don’t consider themselves fans of dance music. 

Photo by Rukes

Odesza just announced their “The Last Goodbye Tour 2023” which has fans all over the globe eagerly waiting for tickets to see the legendary producer duo. They’ve announced this will include 19 new cities, with the electric support of Bob Moses, Neil Frances, Qrtr & Olan, Bonobo, Big Boi, TokiMonsta, and Drama. Fans are ecstatically waiting for what will be nothing short of the ethereal experience Odesza is so well known for. 

While “The Last Goodbye” title sent fans into a spiral when it was first announced, Odesza has confirmed that this is not a goodbye but rather represents stepping back in or returning in celebration. The intention is for everyone to rejoice in interconnection dancing with friends under the lights.

Photo by Tonji Thilesen

Odesza never fails to disappoint fans with each live show or release, cultivating euphoric and eccentric tracks every time. Some argue that Odesza’s live performances are something unmatchable, and among the best of all time. The overall production and electric energy make for an unforgettable set every time.

From the way the news of the title “The Last Goodbye” made dance music fans everywhere temporarily heartbroken, it’s evident that this tour or any Odesza performance is not to be missed. The presale begins Wednesday, and you can sign up here.

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