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Heavy bass sensation Svdden Death has been one of the lead rulers of deep, dark drops for as long as anyone in the scene can remember. Each track and album only takes his career further as he leans into the unique and authentic energy that helped him to rise to the top in the beginning. 

While a handful of dance music artists have been branching out to different styles. Traditionally, the deep, dark dubstep drops are rarely seen alongside energetic house music. However, Svdden Death is anything but traditional, which is exactly why the authentic artist he represents himself as with his music is so widely loved by fans of all subgenres.

Svdden Death teased on Twitter that we could be getting some house music from him in the near future. Some are speculating this may include tracks that have been teased previously in past performances. Fans are confident that with Svdden Death joining the list of dubstep producers displaying their talent in other styles, it’ll shake up the dance music community in the best possible way. Fans hope this will give the wave of producers branching out a final push to show everyone everything they can really do. 

To check out a sneak peak of his house music, click here.

While he’s already been displaying more and more of his versatile talents as a producer, his addition of Voyd sets has further highlighted his talent and ability to throw down some of the filthiest, hardest dubstep that fans crave more of after each set. The elusive Voyd set will be forever raved about and chased on his festival or tour lineups.

Each album release and tour only grow his already massive cult following. After an extremely successful Summoning festival at the Caverns this year that attendants are already planning their way back to, this becomes more and more evident. With the tease of some new house music, everyone can’t wait to listen to his house track in its entirety to hear each eccentric detail that curates such a display of versatile talent.

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