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Decadon has begun the next chapter of his musical career with the release of his debut album Lovely Destruction. 20 tracks flowing through a mixture of bass and rock. With elements from several genres, the record puts Decadon’s talents and vision on full display. 

“Fragile State of Mind” kicks off Lovely Destruction and is followed by “Cosmos” with a slower beat, heartfelt lyrics, and beautiful vocals. “City On Fire” with Rain Man and Duncan draws in melodic dubstep elements before “HYLMN?” switches the vibe with prominent guitar riffs in the background. Rapper Petyn then hops on “Wompyclomp” before the album moves into guitar-heavy “Someday” with Dani Jay and Duncan.

decadon lovely destruction album art

On the contrary, the next track “Summathis” takes the album back to a heavier place with heavy dubstep drops. From here, Lovely Destruction continues a pattern of going through different vibes. “Your Own Enemy” takes a step back from dance music and focuses on instrumentals and vocals before it is followed by the energetic and melodic “Talking To Myself.” 

The listener sees an uptick in heavy dubstep drops, chaotic build-ups, and gunshots with tracks like “Fallout,” “Blunt Knuckles,” and “My Ever After.” Low-frequency bass complements Dani Jay’s vocals in “Manic” and the entrancing beats continue into “Who’s This” with orchestral elements.

decadon live

“Stay” contains angsty rock-inspired breakdowns with hard-hitting beats, drawing Decadon even further into his hybrid album. The album comes to a close with the emotional track “Save Me,” ending Lovely Destruction with a melodic dubstep twist. 

Decadon has been creating music for over 10 years, perfectly curating his signature style which has been coined as “rockstep.” As a skilled musician, the Las Vegas-based artist plays the guitar, piano, drums, and bass. His love for both rock and electronic music is shown in Lovely Destruction, making the album a large collection of tracks that exude Decadon’s musical vision.  


“My debut album is officially out now!! This “Lovely Destruction” album features some amazing artists/friends of mine & has been such a journey from start to finish. I am so excited that it is finally out to the world. Hope you enjoy. Love ya’ll ????” #dubstep #edm #edmtiktok #dubstepmusic

♬ original sound – DECADON

The producer has also confirmed that he will be creating an official remix album in the near future. Lovely Destruction by Decadon is out now on all streaming platforms. Listen to his debut album on Spotify here: 

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