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Skrillex is continuing to set the electronic music community on fire, seemingly announcing the release of two additional albums this year on his social media. The Tweet reads, “QFF / DGTC / SKRLX / CONTRA / 23,” similar to a post he made regarding the surprise release of his two highly-anticipated albums, Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close

Both came after an eight-year-long hiatus from dropping anything independently. Fans have patiently waited since 2015 as the artist prepared to return to the scene. So far, his newest creations have exceeded most listeners’ expectations. 

There is no saying what direction the legendary producer will take his new tracks in, as he continues to prove his adaptability and innovation in a number of genres. Known for creating some of the most iconic dubstep tracks, he pulled away from the genre and delved into electropop, house, and urban rap on his newest records. 

If 2023 has proven anything, it is that the producer has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. It is rare for an artist to release more than one album in one year, much less four. Just when we think he is done, he reveals even more content that he has been sitting on. 

Skrillex kicked his year off with “Rumble,” a collaboration with artists Fred again… and Flowdan, the first of which he played with on New Year’s Eve. He has continued to play over the last few months, hitting festivals and clubs. On top of gearing up to play a five-hour-long set at Red Rocks next week, he is playing festivals throughout the rest of the year, hitting Spain, Finland, the United States, and more.

For a full list of his upcoming shows, click here. No other details have been released, but we are hopeful that more announcements will come soon. As we prepare for two new albums from Skrillex, listen to Don’t Get Too Close here: 

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