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While Skrillex has been ruling the dance music scene since the early dubstep days and hasn’t released an album in over a decade, Fred again… has recently had an insanely quick rise to popularity. Both artists manage to pack every stage they play and leave fans in awe each time. 

Skrillex and Fred again… both have such iconic styles that greatly differentiate them from artists. This makes the recent announcement even more exciting to fans, who can’t wait to see how the two producers with such large followings have combined their authentic styles to create a unique masterpiece.

Skrillex recently announced his legendary comeback to the scene, along with the announcement that his track “Rumble” with Fred again… featuring UK rapper Flowdan will finally be available on January 4th for endless listening pleasure. 

Following the Fred again… boiler room set that took over social media and initially sent him into the stratosphere, there was a particular track tease that fans have been lusting over since. His track with Skrillex was the one that everyone couldn’t forget, and have been begging for the release.

It’s no doubt that the track will be a display of an effortless combination of authentic sounds and basslines, bringing some heat to the dance music community in these colder winter months. Needless to say, fans are excited to see how the tracks highlight each of their special talents as producers and how they incorporate their individual creativity and style. 

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