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Rising star riddim/trench producers Automhate and MAD DUBZ reunite for new collab single ‘Poppe’.

The track, which released Wednesday on Funtcase’s record label DPMO, is a clanky, upbeat riddim banger.

“Poppe is a funny song, meant to be bouncy and happy,” said Automhate. “That’s the meaning behind ‘poppe’. ‘Poppe’ is honestly a lifestyle. I don’t really know how to explain it, but, if you feel it, you understand,” continued the Italian producer. “If your ‘poppe’ (boobies) are ‘stanche’ (tired) then it means you are not vibing with it, you are not ‘poppe’. If you are ‘popping’ then you are doing fine ✔️.”

The collab, although squarely in the ‘riddim’ subcategory, features a lot of nuance and varying cadence. It sports a fresh blend of grime and buoyancy.

“Me and Tom [MAD DUBZ] made three different drops before coming up with the final one,” said Automhate. “At the beginning, I was not happy with the results. So one day, I decided to open a fresh new project, imported some melody loops that Tom made, stretched them, resampled one of those out of pure boredom, and magically found the sound for ‘Poppe’. From there, it was pretty easy to build the track around the drop.”

‘Poppe’ marks the second collab from Automhate and MAD DUBZ, following their megacollab remix of Borgore and Tima Dee’s ‘Way Up’, which included fellow collaborators beastboi. and Sora.

Automhate and I pondered on a collab since rampage open air 2022, where Automhate was teaching me Italian,” said MAD DUBZ. “When he said ‘Poppe’ it clicked, and we swiftly got round to producing what you hear now.”

‘Get that boy some milk’, and stream ‘Poppe’ now.

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