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While playing a surprise Basement Set on YouTube, Skrillex announced that his new album, Quest For Fire, will be released on February 17th. He previewed the songs on the livestream, showing off the upbeat tracks. 

Skrillex has accomplished an insane amount of success during his career. His comeback in 2022 shocked everyone, as the community has been waiting for him to break his silence since 2015. Read more about the announcement of his two new albums here.

The twenty-five minute livestream opened with “Rumble,” a collaboration with Fred again.. and Flowdan, mixing the single with different vocals and bass lines. Ten other unreleased tracks were played throughout the set.

It is clear that Skrillex’s talent and creativity has only evolved since his last album. The Basement Set was just as intriguing as his shows in the 2010s. The Grammy-winning producer is known for his growls and nostalgic dubstep, but seems to be taking a different direction with Quest For Fire

The vibe was consistent throughout the set despite the changes in BPM and sound. He played around with house and drum and bass, seemingly drawing inspiration from pop. He has released five singles this year.

The track list was released shortly after the set went live. Artists from a range of genres were included. Missy Elliot, Pete Wentz, and Siiickbrain are just a few. The set ended with a collaboration with Porter Robinson and Bibi Bourelly.

If the community was not already hype for his two new albums, the Basement Set definitely gave us a taste of what is to come and spread the excitement even more. 

Pre-save Skrillex’s new album, Quest For Fire, here.

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