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STRVFE has released “DKMV,” a track that goes through several genres connected with a dark sound and high energy. Standing for “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” the track immediately draws energy with a dark sound. The trap drop brings in all of the bass with mechanical sounds and a steady melody in the background. 

The dark sound suddenly transfers to a techno break with a dominating beat and industrial elements. The techno section is fit for the underground with a simplistic design that gradually becomes more layered. Distorted voices fade out as “DKMV” ends, leaving the listener processing the track that STRVFE has created. 

strfve dkmv cover art

In an interview, STRVFE revealed that “DKMV” came out of a goal where he wanted to create one drop every day for a week. The artist drew inspiration from heavy trap and the 2000s rave scene. The artist continues experimenting with different sounds and strives to evolve his sound as time passes.

“DKMV” follows “OBLIVION CODE,” an all-around heavy track and STRVFE’s first single of the year. The producer is constantly working towards new goals. It shows in his new releases.

STRVFE has continued to rise as he contributes all art forms to the electronic music scene. His releases are filled with remixes from songs like “Rumble” and “I’m Good (Blue),” as well as showcases and mixes. Along with music, the producer streams on Twitch, makes sample packs, offers production lessons, and more. 

Stay up-to-date with STRVFE as he plans for new releases and shows. “DKMV” is available now on all streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify here: 







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