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Jack Stanczak, known as Kill The Noise, has released his third album, HOLLOW WORLD. From dubstep to future bass, the producer hits several genres, perfectly curating a tracklist that reflects emotions experienced through inner journeys. Kill The Noise is consistently evolving his sound and straying from the mainstream – shown beautifully in the highly-anticipated album.

HOLLOW WORLD is Kill The Noise’s second full-length project on Ophelia Records and is followed by his 2022 album EMBRACE. The artist has contributed to the bass scene since the 90s, releasing his first album on OWSLA and the second on Ophelia. The album has ten tracks of pure bass and collaborations with dominating artists like Joywave and Feed Me

hollow world cover

The title track and debut single, “Hollow World” and “Ultraviolent,” are collaborations with Shadow Cliq. Both are packed with electric guitars, gunshots, and energetic basslines before switching directions with “Afraid Of The Dark.” Karra’s beautiful vocals and powerful lyrics play on top of melodic dubstep drops. 

The next song, “Circles,” is glitchy and distorted, followed by “Mirage” by Feed Me and Tasha Baxter and “Paper Moon” with Anjulie and ARE WE DREAMING. The latter have melancholic tones and lyrics of desperation paired with future bass elements. Festival-oriented “I LUV U” takes listeners on ups and downs with dominating beats and a drumline before anger is explored again on “Broken Panes” featuring Vulgatron and PAV4N.

“Drive,” a collaboration with Joywave, illustrates self-sabotage on top of synths, progressive basslines, and vocal harmonies. One of the most highly-anticipated tracks, “Give Out” with HALIENE closes HOLLOW WORLD. The last song is arguably the most emotional with powerful build-ups, drops, and empowering lyrics. 

Kill The Noise touched on the difficulty of self-discovery and how the project flows through everything from anger to love to sadness. In a heartfelt message on Twitter, he reflected on his career and everything that led up to the release. Despite being nervous about his new project, HOLLOW WORLD shows the producer’s ability to branch into multiple genres and keep a cohesive theme throughout. 

“The album delves deep into the complexities of the human spirit, revealing our virtues and vices. It uncovers the truth about our potential for change, whether it manifests as enlightenment or a descent into darkness. HOLLOW WORLD serves as the backdrop for these emotional struggles and changes,” Kill The Noise said. 

kill the noise live

With commentary on media consumption and self-introspection, HOLLOW WORLD by Kill The Noise hits all the marks. The incorporation of various instruments like electric guitars and drumlines and the individuality of each song show his skill as a producer. In the coming months, he is playing Lost Lands, Echostage, Red Rocks, and more.

HOLLOW WORLD is available on all streaming platforms here and the mini-movie for “Hollow World” is out. Watch it here: 

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