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Kill The Noise has just released his new song ‘Mirage’ with Feed Me and Tasha Baxter.

The track serves as the second album single off his third studio album HOLLOW WORLD, which will feature on Seven Lions’ record label Ophelia Records. The release comes only a few short weeks off the dispensing of his first album single ‘Ultraviolent’ with Shadow Cliq.

‘Mirage’ sees Kill the Noise reunite with fellow OG producer Feed Me (which you may know from his even earlier drum ‘n’ bass alias, Spor). It marks the latest in a long line of collaborations between the fellow pioneers. Other collabs of theirs include ‘Far Away’, ‘Crazy Maybe’, ‘Thumbs Up (For Rock N’ Roll)’, and perhaps their most popular project together, the addiction-cautioning, widely sampled track ‘I Do Coke’. Still, despite their familiarity, ‘Mirage’ is their first official collab release since 2017.

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Kill the Noise also reunites with vocalist Tasha Baxter on the record. This follows their first collaboration ‘As Above So Below’ with Bro Safari and Macky, which dropped in early 2022. This isn’t Tasha Baxter‘s first rodeo with Feed Me either, as the two teamed up on the song ‘Reckless’ in 2021. She has also provided vocals for other well known producers, including Au5 and Moore Kismet.

‘Mirage’ follows the genre-fuse of ‘Ultraviolent’ with a very unique, distinct statement of its own. The digital intro beat builds into a pulsing, hollow bassline, which has its moment then fades as the vocals take over. Tasha Baxter‘s chilling ballad slowly crescendos to the track’s climactic release, a pacy, anthemic punctuation mark. Kill the Noise and Feed Me’s production melds brilliantly for a rather unexpected number. Tasha Baxter then brings the song to close with a soul-stirring vocal finish.

‘Mirage’ reinforces the arrival of the next Kill the Noise chapter. The long-tenured industry player continues to evolve and push his sound and production boundaries, and this third album is set to serve as a flag planting of conquered new territory. If these first two album singles are any indication, HOLLOW WORLD will play by its own rules and serve as a breath of fresh air from the status quo.

Stream ‘Mirage’ now.

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