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Three of the biggest names in dubstep are teaming up to debut their project, Masterhand, at Summoning of the Eclipse Festival. As one of the highest-billed sets at the festival, the announcement of a SVDDEN DEATH, Space Laces, and EPTIC b2b2b and confirmation of unreleased collaborations has sent the community into a spiral. Fans and other artists commented on their posts, letting them know that they are fully ready for all of the wubs and dubs. 

All of them posted separate promotion pictures with the three in various outfits and positions with ironic captions and themes. One captures the three looking into the camera seriously, head-to-toe in denim, reminiscent of the 2000s boyband, NSYNC. SVDDEN DEATH played into the joke, captioning it, “It’s gonna be jeans. The superstar DJ boy band fantasy takes the internet by storm.” 


Another shows the three donning cross necklaces and white, button-up shirts with black pants. Space Laces wrote, “Spreading the good word of Chris in a city near you!’’. The group is then pictured in country get-up with wicker hats and red bandanas as they sit on buckets. EPTIC confirmed that Masterhand has been in the works, writing, “What if we all went into the studio and made like 15 songs.. oh wait we did [smiling devil emoji].” 

The epic debut of Masterhand is going down at Summoning of the Eclipse Festival. Created by SVDDEN DEATH, the second installment of Summoning Festival has proved to be a highly-anticipated weekend for dubstep lovers. Along with Masterhand, Emorfik, Spock, HOL!, and more, are taking over The Caverns in Tennesee from October 13th to 15th. 

masterhand country

SVDDEN DEATH, Space Laces, and EPTIC have worked together in the past, dropping collaborations and going b2b over the years. They are also hosting a contest on social media to win three tickets and a camping pass to the festival. Passes for the weekend are available here

While we wait for SVDDEN DEATH, Space Laces, and EPTIC to make their first appearance as Masterhand, watch the trailer for this year’s Summoning Festival here: 




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