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Kill The Noise has released a pair of singles from his third album, HOLLOW WORLD, on Ophelia Records. This drop follows his tracks, “Mirage” and Ultraviolent,” both of which will be featured on the new record. The DJ revealed that he is taking his sound in a different direction, focusing on “…psychedelic progressive rock and heavy electronic…”.

These two releases are continuing this pattern in distinct ways. “Drive” features Joywave’s deep vocals layered on top of high energy, electro-house beat, and groovy melodies laid down by Kill The Noise. The bridge slows the track down before bursting into a progressive drop with electric guitars. Drawing influence from funk and 80s glam rock, “Drive” effectively blends the band’s post-punk rock sound and the producer’s innovative takes on electronic music. 

“Afraid Of The Dark” with KARRA blends the singer’s smooth vocals with melodic dubstep drops that accompany the hook, “I’m afraid of the dark inside of me.” Her recognizable voice fills the track with emotion as a dreamy, powerful melody plays behind her. 

Jake Stanczak, also known as Kill The Noise, has been grinding for over a decade, making everything and anything that aligns with his creativity. He is no stranger to Ophelia, releasing his album EMBRACE on the label last year. On top of working with artists like Seven Lions, Skrillex, deadmau5, and now Joywave and KARRA, he is playing Bass Canyon and Lost Lands this fall.

Kill The Noise teased the huge tracks during his sets at Ultra, ushering in the next chapter of his career. “Drive” and “Afraid Of The Dark” show his talents through a variety of genres that keep his discography interesting. 

The artist is leaning into darker dubstep, combined with house and melodic bass. For updates on future releases and HOLLOW WORLD, be sure to follow Kill The Noise on his social media platforms. Listen to the set of singles here: 

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