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If you didn’t know, Kill the Noise and Wooli will be dropping the ‘Song of the Year’ on Friday.

No, this song has not won any awards (considering it’s not even released). It’s just the duo’s way of having a little fun with the label of their absolute hammer fist of a dubstep collaboration.

This marks the first official independent collab by Wooli and Kill the Noise, and it’s their first reunion since the fabled Ophelia megacollab, ‘Pantheon’.

The irony of naming their collab ‘Song of the Year’ is something that can’t be ignored. The surface level comedy of dubbing a song by that name alone deserves a hearty brain chuckle. But the fact that this song is clearly designed with heavy influence from, and specific attention towards, old school dubstep sounds, somewhat of a homage to the Knife Party and Kill the Noise sonics of old, makes naming it ‘Song of the Year’ in 2023 that much more satirical. And if you’ve been a follower of Kill the Noise or Wooli on social media over the years, their crafting of a serious edm weapon, then polishing it off with a lighthearted comedy finish makes too much sense.

Not to belabor the point, but their intention of making a modern old school dubstep track is quite clear. And they executed it masterfully. The tracks syncopated rhythms, glitchy yet powerful drum beats, and pressure driving bassline fuse into what can only be referred to as OG modern dubstep. And it bangs.

Presave the track here:

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