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Since Sudden Death’s beginning in 2015, he has been growing massively in popularity. Between unique visuals and concepts that inspired many other artists in the EDM scene, heavy bass music, and electric energy at his shows, he has accumulated quite the following.

For the first time ever, Svdden Death hosted his own festival, Summoning Of The Eclipse, which occurred October 21st and 22nd at The Caverns in Tennessee. Despite being a two-day festival, he was sure to pack the lineup with some of the biggest names in heavy dubstep, as well as some up-and-coming artists sure to take the community by storm.

Photo by Dancing Astronaut

There was no better venue than an underground cave to experience some of the legendary back-to-backs on the lineup. In particular, many were looking forward to Sudden Death back-to-back Maurada. Attendees were excited to see the audio/visual production at full effect, especially with artists who are notorious for their production.

Photo By Svdden Death

The lineup included Atliens, Eptic back-to-back Space Laces, Sullivan King, Voyd, and Wooli. Many dubstep fans couldn’t think of a better way to spend their Halloweekend than an underground cave listening to some of the deepest, darkest dubstep around. 

Unique from many other artists in the industry, Svdden Death created another alias called “Voyd” with exclusive sets that his fans are always watching out for. The combination of a Voyd set, legendary back-to-back, a great lineup, and the perfect atmosphere ensured the success of the first year of “Summoning the Eclipse”. It’s expected many will be adding this to their yearly festival list, if not their festival bucket list.

Photo by @svddendeath on Twitter

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