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Last year, Imagine Music Festival transformed Kingston Downs Georgia into an aquatic paradise with a whole bunch of lasers and love scattered throughout. After taking some time off from Covid, Imagine came back with a bang last year, boasting industry favorites from every subgenre on the lineup.

Photo by Imagine Music Festival

This year, Imagine’s lineup resembles the music community as a whole with versatile choices that pack the stage with the best energy at every one of their sets. With some returning favorites as well as new, unexpected headliners and back-to-backs fans are dying to catch.

Those who were considering taking a trip to the underwater paradise this September 14-17 have now started purchasing tickets and planning trips. From the looks of it, the Imagine lineup will only keep getting better and better as Imagine grows as a must-visit for dance music fans.

Photo by Imagine Music Festival

This year, the lineup is destined to bring out house heads and headbangers alike, no matter what your style is. Imagine has included artists to bring the groovy house basslines like Chris Lake, John Summit, Dr. Fresh, Dom Dolla, and Dombresky. For the classic dubstep fix, attendants can catch electric sets like Svdden Death: Into the Inferno, Diesel, Rezz, Slander, Nightmre, Drinkurwater, and Layz.

Some back-to-backs came as quite a surprise to fans, though they were nothing short of incredibly overjoyed to hear the news. Attendants will have the honor of witnessing He$h back-to-back Level Up and a Dom Dolla (sunset set) back-to-back Knock 2. While this is just phase 1, fans have already purchased tickets here and are eagerly awaiting phase 2.

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