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With two of the most unique DJs potentially teaming up for a track, this could be one of Adventure Club and ATLiens best songs yet.

Well, it looks like we could be in for something big.

Last week, Adventure Club nonchalantly tweeted ATLiens an envelope and music symbol. And while that may be inconspicuous to some, EDM twitter was quick to lose their collective minds. DMing with one user, they couldn’t articulate their thoughts into proper words to quote but know that they were foaming at the mouth to hear this potential collab.

ATLiens are no stranger themselves to collaboration themselves, having just recently released, “Purgatory” with SVDDEN Death.

The Atlanta, Georgia natives are poised for a big year with their upcoming, “Space Cathedral” Tour set to begin on January 21st in Chicago, IL. With support from Space Wizard, Drinkurwater, He$h and more, the tour should be a certified banger.

Keep your ears open during their set for the potential Adventure Club track. While they are not the most vocal of DJs, someone with a keen ear may just be able to make out Adventure Club’s sound.

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