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After Peekaboo‘s initial release of “Here with Me”, fans have been chasing that drop at each and every set. The industry erupted with excitement when “When I’m Gone”, a prequel to “Here with Me” with Xaelo was dropped. Ganja White Night is bringing that excitement back to life as they’ve just released their remix of “When I’m Gone”.

“Here With Me” lyrically and production-wise represented the feeling of falling for someone and “When I’m Gone” represents after the fact, the bittersweet air of lust that follows any heartbreak. Both tracks tell a story and encapsulate the feeling that both titles represent at a given point in a relationship, representing the feelings of both before and after the fall.

Photo by Ohdagyo

This is a very universal experience, and many know those feelings all too well so these tracks have a very special place in many people’s hearts. That makes this incoming news all that much more exciting. Ganja White Night has teased their “When I’m Gone” remix by Peekaboo and Xaelo a handful of times, each time getting quite a positive crowd reaction. Fans have been on the edges of their seats awaiting this remix of an all-time favorite.

The remix takes a gritty, groovy dubstep twist on the classic fan favorite and brings new life to it. It’s no doubt while they may be very different producers with varying authentic styles, these styles complement each other effortlessly, bringing new light to a song that’s so special to so many people. The sought-after remix is finally making its appearance on everyone’s playlists, as well as undoubtedly being played out widely at festivals this coming year. 

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