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Rising artist, STRVFE, has released ERROR.01 [Visual Mix] on YouTube. STRVFE has been crafting his musical style for years, playing in jazz and metal bands before shifting over to an independent career in electronic music. The showcase effectively captures the artist’s ability to incorporate multiple genres, different musical elements, and his own experimental basslines and sounds.

The visual element of ERROR.01 flows with the tracklist, morphing into different patterns and clips. Seven of the fifteen tracks are IDs, two of which are collaborations with unnamed artists. 

“WELCOME SEQUENCE” opens the showcase with a calming piano and low synths before kickstarting a sequence of heavy, new-wave tracks with wonky noises. STRVFE goes through dubstep, trance, and house before finishing intensely with a melodic ID and crazy drum patterns.  His low-frequency bass and heavy kicks are carried throughout the twelve-minute visualizer, tying the tracklist together. 

He has been releasing music on Soundcloud for five years now. He is consistently dropping originals and remixes of songs by producers like MUST DIE!, Frantik, and Skrillex.

We do not know what surprises STRVFE has in store for the upcoming months, but he consistently streams about music production, and sometimes games, on Twitch. ERROR.01 [2023 SHOWCASE] is available to listen to on Soundcloud right now. 







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