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Crowsnest Audio has released CYANOLYCA II, its newest compilation with 10 deep tracks highlighting underground artists. The record label has chosen songs that go from experimental bass to riddim and dubstep while remaining haunting.

cyanolyca ii cover art

CYANOLYCA opens with “Disparate” by Shazkei, a minimal experimental bass track. “The Forsaken” by PICSO follows with an eerie choir that eventually catapults the listener into heavy-hitting drums and deep bass. “The Rubrica” by Noxtromo brings the deep and mechanical sounds before Lintscape paints a dystopian universe with “S-No-8-C-C SkyNet.”

“Agoraphobia” by MadWen marks the halfway point of CYANOLYCA with a song that personifies the experience of psychotic episodes. Hollow Mage follows with “Cornix,” a detailed song with a notable piano melody.

cyanolyca ii tracklist

The record label named the seventh song, “Obsidian Necklace” by Irony, the compilation’s focus track due to its shift from experimental bass into dubstep and high production quality. Going further, the song’s concept is interesting and creative. Irony explained that he came up with the sound design after being inspired by the sound of pages turning. 

“Maledict” by TrNebula has heavy metal influences and a prominent guitar before JVZMIN follows direction with a riddim track “BIPOLAR,” inspired by the ups and downs of the disorder. Astrominate called on a Corridos band for the last song in CYANOLYCA, “OTRA NOCHE MAS.” This is the first time that Mexican regional music has been fused with dubstep and was done using an original live recording of the band.

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“To us as Crowsnest Audio, supporting up-and-coming artists has always been a core value. This is why we’ve set up the second edition of our newcomers compilation CYANOLYCA, which provides very different approaches to Bass Music. From deep tunes to experimental beats, over to a Riddim banger, we have it all,” the label said of the compilation.

Crowsnest Audio continued, “This compilation might not seem to follow a common thread to some, but we want to showcase the variety of talent sleeping in rising, mostly unknown producers and tell a story with it. We want to convince people to not only look at those big names you have in your Instagram feed every day, but discover new, inventive, and extraordinary sounds and support the next generation of their favorite festival acts.”

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Crowsnest Audio released the first edition of CYANOLYCA in 2023 with the same mission of supporting underground producers. The tracklist for CYANOLYCA II was curated carefully, and Crowsnest Audio had a specific experience it was hoping to create. Each artist has crafted songs that allow their talents to shine through various genres.

The compilation is available now on all streaming platforms. Delve into the darker parts of electronic dance music and discover new artists with CYANOLYCA II from Crowsnest Audio: 

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