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Emorfik, one of dubstep’s youngest artists, has released his debut album The End. While it centers on heavy dubstep, the album goes through several genres like house and melodic bass. Previously released singles “Into The Mind” and “Hurtful Intentions” have also been featured on the record. 

The record has been highly anticipated, especially with Emorfik’s consistent stream of teasers. The artist had ominously posted a few times with a link to a website simply reading, “the end” with audio. Listeners had guessed everything from a tour to new merch and many were right – Emorfik is hitting a new milestone with his first album. 

emorfik the end art

The title track sets listeners up for the rest of the album with Emorfik’s signature menacing style and loud bass before “Spiraling Into Madness” enters the picture with a gripping storyline. “Smile” starts with a beautiful piano melody that the following drop contradicts. “Paranoid” and “Human Instinct” switch the pace, bringing in high energy and high tempo. 

“Mayson Sawyer” and “Burned Alive” have an angry sound and heavy dubstep drops that Emorfik fans should be familiar with. “Burned Alive” comes before “Death By Fire,” which includes the voices of 29 fans saying the title. The End ends with “It’s Going To Be Okay,” a cinematic, orchestral track with beautiful harmonizations.

the end tracklist

The End marks a new era for Emorfik and one that he has been incredibly grateful for. “The [amount] of planning and time that went into it was insane, and I genuinely feel like it paid off,” he wrote about the response. 

The End, the debut album from Emorfik, is out now on all streaming platforms. For lovers of angry electronic music, check it out here. Watch its official promotion video: 


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