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At Coachella weekend two, Chris Lake and Fisher went back-to-back, prompting fans to request a b2b from the two in Los Angeles. Chris Lake assured everyone that they would love to but needed a venue to play at. In a shocking turn of events, iconic rapper, Snoop Dogg, replied to the Tweet with “Come by tha crib”. 

Fans and other DJs alike were shocked, immediately supporting the unexpected pairing. Chris Lake quoted his Tweet, replying with, “Let’s throw something mad together!”. Snoop Dogg recently laid his smooth flow over Chris Lake and Destructo’s 2018 track, “You Only Die Once.” Destructo chimed in with, “Ummm. Hellooooo”. 

The house producer has been in the game for over two decades, helping pave the way for the evolution of electronic music. He has stayed steady in releasing progressive house originals and remixes, changing up his style over the years. Whether his music is stripped back and simple or hard-hitting, it is dynamic.

A track with Chris Lake’s groovy, upbeat style and Snoop Dogg’s legendary raps suggests the creation of the next house banger. Despite not having directly worked with each other yet, listeners are excited and hopped onto the idea of a collaboration

Of course, Los-Angeles based rapper Snoop Dogg absolutely changed hip-hop when he rose to popularity in the early 1990s. His iconic tracks have been remixed hundreds of times and he has been featured on lineups for primarily electronic music festivals. 

The two have not confirmed whether or not they have worked together prior to this interaction. Nothing else has been shared, but we can hope that Chris Lake and Snoop Dogg will be in touch soon. While we wait for more details, watch the visualizer for Chris Lake’s most recent single, “Beggin’” here: 

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