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Qian “Dan” Qiao, also known as NevadaSYSTEM, continues to impress the global audience with his abundant collection of captivating and emotionally-driven melodic techno tracks. His highly anticipated summer single, “Floral Dance Part 2,” follows the success of its predecessor, “Floral Dance,” which has amassed over 300k streams in 2023 and received remixes from renowned artists affiliated with Anjunadeep and Purified. Building upon the driving bassline of the original, “Floral Dance Part 2” takes things up a notch with a futuristic and ethereal melodic line, accompanied by otherworldly vocals.

Discussing the release, NevadaSYSTEM explained, “The vocals on this track don’t belong to any specific language but rather represent an amalgamation of various dialects. It’s a creative concept of what such a combination would sound like.” NevadaSYSTEM aimed to capture the essence of euphoria, release, and unity, which are fundamental aspects of dance music culture, particularly the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) ethos.

NevadaSYSTEM is a Canadian born melodic techno producer based in New York, known for pushing the boundaries of emotion and poetry through his music. His tracks have garnered over 1 million streams across multiple platforms and have caught the attention of prominent figures in the EDM scene, such as ARTBAT and Monstercat. Additionally, NevadaSYSTEM recently secured a groundbreaking deal with artists signed to Armada, Anjuna, Spinnin, and Purified, setting the stage for future releases of the “Floral Dance” series in late 2023.

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