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With twenty-eight remixes from a diverse range of producers Kayzo’s NEW BREED (REMIXES) has been released on Welcome Records. 

The original NEW BREED blends higher-BPM tracks and post-hardcore. The remix album takes the originals to a whole other level with different dimensions and substance.

Kayzo revealed that there are multiple remixes of the same track on the album because it was difficult to narrow them all down. The album opens with Automhate’s remix of “CYBER DETHHH.” Even though they are four versions of “CYBER DETHHH” each is intriguing. With menacing opening bass lines and a sporadic drop, the remix starts the album with a bang. 

Hairitage slows “CYBER DETHHH” down with dirty drops. Samplifire followed a similar path, adding a mechanical dubstep sound to the track. Vastive also contributed his remix, combining dubstep and energetic drum and bass. 

The most remixed track, “THE SICKNESS,” included a melodic dubstep-take by Fransis Derelle, who brought a different vibe to NEW BREED (REMIXES). INHUMAN, RZRKT and TYPHON took a completely different direction with the song, adding in heavy bass and breakdowns. MUERTE combined a melodic build-up with surprising drops. 

The original “WAR” was already crazy, and Dr. Ushuu and BADVOID add their own riddim and drum and bass to the track respectively. “MEET YOU IN THE SOUND” by BAINBRIDGE contains beautiful melodies, dubstep, and drum and bass to make a bouncy track. 

The thirteenth remix, “GATEWAY” by High Zombie, does a fantastic job of incorporating heavy drums with choppy drops. Slang Dogs brings the vibe down by mixing “DEAD AWAKE” into a deep trap track. PERSONA NON GRATA keeps the already insane energy of “BURN IT DOWN” and drops into a surprising drum and bass 

IVORY opens up the four-track run of “NEWS FLASH,” followed by SweetTooth and Tisoski who all add heavier dubstep to the song. “NEWS FLASH (VIP)” adds heavy drops that compliment Kamiyada+’s insane vocals. 

“MOONLIGHT (Poni Remix)” drops the frequencies with heavy metal drums and guitar before finishing the track off with a heavy, quick BPM. Just like “NEWS FLASH (VIP),” SIIICKBRAIN’s vocals are highlighted with more drum and bass in the build-up. SWARM used more disorted vocals to build up to a dark progressive song. 

Kayzo constantly creates unique VIP’s that take the originals to a whole other level. “MOONLIGHT (VIP)” is no exception. One remix of “POSER” was included on the album, remixed by N3WPORT. The future bass take on the track is dreamy.

Ryan Browne adds a pop punk twist to “LOVE ME HATE ME,” followed by “LOVE ME HATE ME (VIP).” The VIP is one of the most energetic songs on the NEW BREED (REMIXES). The upbeat, electronic has bouncy beats that make you want to dance. 

NVADRZ’s “BOTTLE OF RAIN” remix adds deep bass and heavier instruments to the original single. 

“NEW BREED (KAMI Remix)” has quick tempo changes and deep bass. KAMI does an amazing job at keeping the listener’s attention to the end of the song. SOREN’s remix is similar to the last with interesting build-ups and drops. Both producer’s were able to make the track feel shorter than it actually is.

NEW BREED (REMIXES) finishes with three remixes of “SHT SHOW.” Just as it started, the album comes to a fiery end.  Riddim dj, HE$H, adds intense riddim and Jacknife shows off deep bass house. Level Up officially closes the album with her classic chaotic drops. 

The artists included on the album bring their own flare to the tracks. From riddim to trap to melodic dubstep, the album touches a wide range of subgenres. Kayzo’s album NEW BREED was a massive release last year and the twenty-eight remixes on the second follow-up are worth listening to.

Stream NEW BREED (REMIXES) on all streaming platforms. 

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