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Disco Lines is hitting another milestone in his career with the launch of his new record label, Good Good Records. Thadeus Labuszewski, also known as Disco Lines, got his start making beats in his dorm at the University of Colorado Boulder. A hobby eventually turned into playing Red Rocks and EDC, Arizona State University, and iconic clubs. 

With a sold-out headlining tour, over 100 million streams across multiple platforms, and a record label under his belt, the DJ is shaking up the scene. The quick rise of his music has paved the way for him to support other artists and bring fresh sounds to the scene.

He has been making strides for years now, channeling his upbeat personality to create energetic music. While navigating the music industry, Disco Lines has been teasing the idea of creating a record label since March. The concept of Good Good Records first came up when he replied to a Twitter user asking about the release of the highly-anticipated track, “MDMA.” 

“I am working on creating a label. [First] release off that label will be MDMA. Unfortunately, creating a label is a lot harder than I thought and I am still negotiating offers with distributors. I wanna do this right. On a side note if anyone has any good name ideas for a label lmk,” he wrote.

We are sure that he is bringing new faces into the game and shine a light on innovative musicians. Good Good Records is currently accepting demos through their email above. 

Fans and other artists alike are showing their excitement and support for Disco Lines, congratulating him on the massive achievement. While we wait for more details about the label and what is coming next, listen to his remix of “Dancing Is Healing” here: 

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