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After a series of cryptic posts on social media, Crowsnest Audio is dropping their first deathstep and tearout compilation, Torture Torn. Packed with rising artists like Soulless Cvlt and longtime producers like FaceSplit and INHUMAN, the record is staying true to Crowsnest’s mission and innovative sounds. 

BLOODCREST and Bvrnt kick off the compilation with “MONOPHOBIA,” an ominous track with bass-filled riddim drops and spooky breaths. Dead Weight takes the reigns, throwing down on “Rebirth” with distorted sirens and a trap sound. “THE DEATHMATCH” by Ricky West is guitar-heavy combined with Chris Luna’s death metal vocals.

Metal-style vocalists DEATHCHANNEL and BVLVNCE are also featured on the painful “Cheap Grave” with BLOODSET and “Thoughts & Prayers” with Mantis, respectively, adding even more intensity to the already-evil tracklist. Torture Torn showcases aggressive sides of bass music, pulling in KAYROS for the confrontational, “WE ARE NOT THE SAME,” and “DEATH MARCH” by ZERO MARKS

“Wrath Of God” marks the halfway point with an entrancing series of harmonizations and orchestral instruments before plummeting into madness. Up-and-coming producer, WEZOX, add shines with chaotic sounds on “Cybernetic Sublimation, along with DOOM THESIS’ growling “Chain Reaction.” 

The eleventh track, “Death To All” by Oddkxbra, blends deathstep, tearout, and an overall creepy sound. “POSSESSOR” by INHUMAN and Disinety begins to close the compilation out, finishing with heavy bass and chilling chimes. The track is a throwback to INHUMAN’s Code: Pandorum project. Torture Torn officially ends with an instrumental version of “Thoughts & Prayers.” 

“This compilation is perfect proof that besides being open to bass music genres in general, we really strive to reward our loyal audience with the brutality their ears deserve and therefore be back with the finest deathstep and tearout we could find,” the record label said about the release. 

Torture Torn is heavy and intriguing with various soundscapes and prominent metal influence, making it cohesive. By spotlighting to producers in all stages of their careers, Crowsnest Audio is opening new listeners up to different genres. Listen to the full compilation on any streaming platform here.

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