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If there’s one thing about ODESZA releasing new music, you’re not gonna have any idea it’s coming. It’s just going to be a sudden boost of serotonin to your day. On Wednesday, they released the deluxe edition of their iconic album ‘The Last Goodbye.’

ODESZA announcing the deluxe edition of the album.

Not only did they add the bonus tracks of recent post-album releases such as ‘Hopeful’ and ‘To Be Yours,’ they blew everyone away by officially releasing VIPs of 2 tracks that are absolute classics.

‘All We Need’ and ‘Sun Models’ have been played out as special edits in their live sets for years, and now they’ve finally blessed us with the tracks in full audio quality. They have done this in the past as well, with VIPs of ‘Memories You Call’ and ‘It’s Only’ on the deluxe edition of the ‘A Moment Apart’ album. But I think the surprise of it is what really makes it a special release. These are songs that people really remember from their experience if they’ve ever seen ODESZA live, and after years go by, one random Wednesday, you now have the ability to stream them forever.

After 4+ years away from the festival scene, the amazing duo returned in a massive way to their regularly scheduled bookings this past March, starting with Okeechobee. They surprised Coachella at the Do Lab stage, they added new 2023 dates to their album tour, and their name is appearing on quite a few major festival lineups in the summer. Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, to name a few. The boys are back, and they’re gonna be busy all 2023.

If you have never caught them live before, make it a point to catch them at least once this year. Between the drumline, brass section, live edits and unique production, there is nobody that does a live performance the way they do.

Stream the deluxe edition of ‘The Last Goodbye’ below:

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