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Emorfik, the rising producer known for creating some of the angriest dubstep right now, has changed direction with his single, “Mad House.” A day before the song’s release, he posted a clip of the track on Instagram, simply captioning it, “So I made a house song,” before laying down some bass house. 

The song is energetic from the beginning with a dancey rhythm and mechanical-sounding background. His usual low, distorted vocals lay on top of the track as “I will never be afraid,” is repeated after a second drop with hard, pumping beats.

The single takes a sharp return from his other two releases this year, “Never Quit” and “Hurtful Intentions.”  Both songs encourage listeners to keep pushing through adversity with hard drops and heavy dubstep. As a trio, they stay true to Emorfik’s pursuit of support and encouragement.

Emorfik has been making strides in the electronic music scene, playing at world-renowned festivals and traveling around to play shows for his growing fanbase. Working with artists like Blaize, Hi I’m Ghost and others. He start releasing music in 2019 and has been evolving ever since, now working into other genres while keeping his insane bass.

The producer has been traveling around playing shows and constantly teasing new music on his social media. He is also featured on the lineups of Paradise Blue, Forbidden Kingdom, Bass Canyon, and more. Check out what he has planned for the rest of the summer here.

There is no guessing what Emorfik has up his sleeve next, but we are sure the producer is one to watch. From dubstep to house, he is able to switch up his game with fresh releases. His newest bass house single, “Mad House,” is available to listen to on all streaming platforms. 

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