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For the last couple years, Layz has been bringing the storm pretty much everywhere she goes, both figuratively and literally, as she’s joked about the stormy weather on the night of shows in various different cities she’s played in. On Friday, her and quickly-rising producer Vastive dropped the absolute behemoth of a track that the people have waited their fair share of time for.

Layz announcing the release of her and Vastive’s massive collab.

This song has circulated in live sets for quite a long time now as an unreleased track. It has been dropped by the biggest artists, at the biggest festivals and on the biggest stages. The two artists really took their time with this one, making sure every drop and every detail was perfect, before unleashing what could easily classify as a dubstep anthem over the past 6+ months. It’s a crowd pleaser, and when you hear it live, it’s pretty tough trying to keep yourself from completely losing it. There will likely also be a moshpit in your near vicinity.

As much as each individual artist has created momentum for their careers in the last year or two, this song together is certainly going to benefit them a lot. It will be sure to give them another huge push upward towards further establishing themselves in this scene. The early reactions to this tune have been very positive early on, and you’d be hard-pressed to try to find any negative comments about it at all. Bassheads know some filth when they hear it, and they knew this one was gonna be huge a long time ago. It’s finally here, and now we rage.


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