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SVDDEN DEATH has been named as AllTime EDM’s Artist of the Year for 2023. With his VOYD alias on one end of the spectrum and his house alias DEADROOM on the other, the creative abilities of SVDDEN DEATH shined this year. Along with those two projects, the producer held his Summoning of the Eclipse Festival for the second year and released heavy-hitting tracks. He also went b2b with Marshmello, joined the Forbidden Four, and debuted dubstep supergroup Masterhand.

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Danny Howland, also known as SVDDEN DEATH, fully stepped onto the scene in 2015 and hit the ground running as he has gone on to drop some of the most aggressive bass in dubstep, curate several projects, and bring his own festival to life, fully solidifying his presence in electronic music. 

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With all of the endeavors SVDDEN DEATH had taken on this year, the producer still found time to keep fans satiated with new releases and collaborations. He began the year with “Born To Suffer,” setting the vibe for the year with a perfectly chaotic track that was quickly followed by “Pursuit of Violence” with Sullivan King. Around the same time, SVDDEN DEATH surprised everyone when he dropped ‘Deadroom Showcase 2023’ – two mixes completely centered on house music.

Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH went b2b at EDC Las Vegas in May, surprising everyone with a bass-heavy multigenre mix. Just weeks later, he, Excision, Wooli, and Sullivan King came together for a huge b4b at Forbidden Kingdom. He also went b2b with Stumpi for a house set at the Lost Lands sound camps. 

Later in 2023, SVDDEN DEATH teamed up with Space Laces and Eptic to present their project ‘MASTERHAND.’ The trio debuted at his own Summoning of the Eclipse and was met with positive fan reception. This was the second year that bass filled The Caverns in Tennesee. 

The year took a slight pivot when SVDDEN DEATH announced that he was canceling his fall tour. The DJ revealed that he had decided to cancel the tour to focus on his mental and physical health. Shortly after, SVDDEN DEATH and MARAUDA, two of the heaviest artists in dubstep, collided with “PEANUT BUTTER.” 

A week later, SVDDEN DEATH dropped “Harbinger” and “Don’t You Dare Go Hollow” with HVDES. His most recent riddim collaboration with Wooli has big room influences that are catapulting fans into the new year.

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There is no telling what SVDDEN DEATH has planned for 2024, but he has promised that it is already packed with new adventures. The darker extension of his original persona, VOYD, is coming back stronger than ever as SVDDEN DEATH dives into unfinished business.

He has already snagged performances at the Tacoma Dome, EDC Mexico, Paradise Blue, and shows in San Francisco and Hawaii. For a full list of his upcoming shows, visit his official website. Celebrate AllTime EDM naming SVDDEN DEATH their AOTY and listen to his latest release, “Mind Control,” here: 

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