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Heavy dubstep king Svdden Death shows no signs of slowing down his momentum with announcement after announcement, catapulting his already successful career into the stratosphere. Following the display of his revolutionary ability to get a sea of die-hard headbangers jumping to some house music, he announced his next track will be released on February 24th.

Photo by Jason Fenmore

Last week fans noticed a Twitter tease that he’d be releasing house music, which had many questioning the tweet’s seriousness. While he constantly displays himself as an authentic and unique artist, many weren’t expecting his next project to be house music.

Not even a week later, Svdden Death has announced his next track, “Born To Suffer.” As if fans weren’t still processing the release of his house music, this truly sent them into a spiral of excitement. Fans are eager to catch his next evidently unpredictable move but are incredibly excited to see where 2023 takes him, especially with so many exciting announcements already.

Artwork by Datura Hex, Shayn Hotton, Fise, and Schaffer Brady

Svdden Death continues to prove himself as a talented artist with an array of tricks up his sleeve, as well as managing to create an immaculate combination of his authentic sound and upbeat house music. Svdden Death continues to set himself apart from other artists with every move he makes, having fans on the edges of their seats to see what this next track will bring to the table.

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