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1788-L is getting fans ready for his debut album, ALPHA+, with the release of its first single, “XENOCLONE.” Known for his new-wave electronic music, the producer leans into a mechanical, percussion-heavy sound with the single, possibly foreshadowing the direction he is taking his record in. 

The electronic elements at the beginning of “XENOCLONE” are dynamically chaotic with a focus on drums. The second half blasts into a drum and bass section, turning up the vibration.  and adds various robotic voices and recognizable soundbites. “XENOCLONE” is a rollercoaster from beginning to end with explosions of bass.

With the track, the producer announced that his debut album, ALPHA+, is releasing on deadmau5’s label, mau5trap. 1788-L expressed gratitude towards them for their support and the opportunity to release his first record on their label. In his announcement, he wrote, “Acceptance is inspiring, and this label has reassured my fading confidence in myself.” 

“I thank you wholeheartedly for that. And I infinitely thank you all for believing in me, for your patience, and understanding,” he continued. Listeners have been anticipating the artist’s first album since he stepped into the scene five years ago. 

1788-L confirmed that his album was complete in March, giving fans time to get ready. With his ever-evolving sound and a peek into what he has been working on, his creation is highly-anticipated and we are ready for what he was coming. The record is also being released on mau5trap.

From Austin to Washington DC to Toronto, 1788-L has a packed summer and fall schedule. Tickets and a list of his upcoming shows are on his official website. While we patiently wait for ALPHA+, listen to the first single from his upcoming album here: 

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