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Ganja White Night and Subtronics have come together once again to drop “Womp Portal,” a track that highlights the beautifully weird and dimensional sounds of the three artists. 

“Headband,” their only collaboration, was released four years ago in 2019. The sequel is just as wonky and has been long-awaited. 

Subtronics teased “Womp Portal” at Nocturnal and Ganja White Night played it at Decadence on New Year’s Eve. 

“Womp Portal” sounds like something out of an intense action flick, which is translated perfectly to the music video. With insane animation by Ebo and Aaron Brooks, viewers and listeners follow Mr. Wobble as he teams up with Subtronics to defeat Dark Wobble. 

Despite being almost five minutes long, the song continuously builds tension and creates a story that goes by almost too quickly. 

The Belgian bass pair and dubstep producer consistently create insane dubstep individually. It is no surprise that their second track together is powerful as it forms a narrative that listeners can hear and feel.

Both drops pack a punch with incredible layers of low frequency wobbles and a distinct drum beat. The second drop is particularly spectacular and the breakdown coming out of it experiments with a deep, vibrating bass.

“Womp Portal” is a solid track that displays Ganja White Night and Subtronics’ endless talent for creating dynamic sounds. Ganja White Night has a way with creating stories through their music and this release is no exception. 

Listen to “Womp Portal” on all music streaming platforms. 

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