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Trap/wave producer RemK surges into 2023 with the release of his brand new single ‘6am Bounce’.

“When I wrote this track, I had just woken up early at 6am and got inspired to make something new,” said RemK. “At the time, I was just throwing random stuff at the wall and exported it as a 6am bounce not thinking much of it, but it quickly became one of my favorite tracks after listening the next few days. To me this song was just me having fun in Ableton and experimenting, which is what I love about creating music in the first place.”

The track has been an ID in Remk’s bag for some time now, so many a chaser will be stoked to hear about it finally receiving an official release.

RemK rinsing ‘6am Bounce’ at Hard Summer in July.

This release from RemK also marks his return to ‘MONTA’, the label of longtime industry players Boombox Cartel. The track features as the third release on MONTA’s long anticipated ‘Season 2’, a series of songs set to be launched from the label throughout the year.

‘6am Bounce’ is a high energy beast of a track that fuses signature trap elements with cinematic builds, a blizzard of chops, a sort of bamboo snare, and even some house tempo.

In describing his vision, RemK explained, “The story I want the listeners to experience is that you’re out early in the morning in California driving or skating, cruising alone while blasting music in your headphones, with not a care in the world.”

‘6am Bounce’ is now streaming on all platforms.

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