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Whyte Fang is changing up the game with her debut album, GENESIS. Every instrument builds a distinct sound that can be tied back to her as an artist. With an entire tracklist filled with build-ups of emotion that pour out during the drops, a  common theme throughout the album is a feeling of running out of time and a confused mental state as a result. 

GENESIS opens with “Hello :)” a dreamy song that greets listeners and utilizes synths to set the tone for the rest of the album. The opening is followed by three previously-released singles that lead into “High Tonight,” a haunting drum and bass track narrated by singer-songwriter Elohim. “Alive” with Barney Bones digs into the slower, trap-inspired side of Whyte Fang

The seventh track, “Deep End,” uses chimes and smooth vocals that go into mid-tempo drops. “Atlantis,” keeps the energy up with different-pitched synths and quick beats. “One Million” featuring Chidi Himself has kicking drums and chill melodies flow to the end of the album. “Go” completes GENESIS on a mellow note with calming pings of sound, breathy vocals, and low bass.

Whyte Fang, Alison Wonderland’s techno side project, has been in the works for years, first coming onto the scene with The Version Suicides twelve years ago. Leading up to GENESIS, she dropped five of the twelve tracks. “333,” “Girl,” “Transport God,” “SCREAM,” and “Genesis,” are all featured on the record. GENESIS is the first full-length album on her own label, FMU Records.

On the same day as the album drop, Whyte Fang made her festival debut at Coachella, drawing large, engaged crowds. The producer has promised an immersive production for a few months and she fully delivered, effectively holding everyone’s attention with her fresh takes on techno and house. 

Both the festival and album debut of Whyte Fang’s GENESIS have exceeded listeners’ expectations. Fans have shown incredible support for the direction and sound of the musician. Listen to the album in its entirety on all streaming platforms. 

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