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Drum and bass icons, Hybrid Minds, have released their second single of 2023, “Breathe Out,” with Issey Cross and Fred V. The duo has been smashing their sound for over ten decades, incorporating impactful lyrics and beautiful vocals with melodic and prominent string instruments. They have been teasing the song for a few months, playing it often in their live sets and leaving listeners wanting more. 

Fred V’s classical influence complements the song well, building the emotion up from the first second of the song. Issey Cross’ soothing vocals come in after, creating an emotionally-impactful track. Hybrid Minds’ shuffling drums continue for the entire five minutes, taking moments to highlight the single’s classical influences.

The pair’s unique liquid drum and bass has earned them global recognition. The English DJs create feel-good x that keeps the energy up and the crowd dancing. “Breathe Out” dives further into Hybrid Minds‘ sincere music that has stayed true to the producers since they began releasing music in 2012. 

Hybrid Minds currently has shows scheduled in Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Croatia until August. The pair consistently sells out their shows, so make sure to get your tickets quickly on their official website. “Breathe Out” is available to listen to on all platforms. 

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