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Slander and Sullivan King have each individually amassed large followings from their respective ends of the dance music spectrum. While Sullivan King is known for his ridiculously heavy tracks with a touch of screaming, Slander has collected a following for cultivating tracks with emotional lyrics and more melodic dubstep.

Slander and Sullivan King just announced they’ll be going back to back at the extraterrestrial universe that is Countdown NYE in California on December 31st. While both are extremely talented producers in relatively contrasting styles of EDM, fans are extremely excited following this news to see what their set will bring.

With the announcement of this back-to-back fans have come out of the woodwork stating this will be the set that leads them to purchase tickets for Countdown. Needless to say, everyone is excited to see how these talented producers will combine their two styles and influence fans of either artist to discover something new they love.

Countdown NYE already is bringing a beyond-stacked lineup transporting fans into an atmosphere consumed by some epic space bass from some widely loved headlining acts. With the announcement of the Sullivan King and Slander back to back, attendants are sure this New year at Countdown will be one to remember. 

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