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MARAUDA has dropped his second release of 2023, “RAGE ROOM” brings the riddim producer’s sound to a whole other level. The single was released on his independent label Malignant Music. 

Known for creating aggressive songs and inspiring insane mosh pits, the Australian artist has been bringing a different level of anger to EDM since releasing his first EP in 2017. He has made his rounds at Lost Lands, EDC Las Vegas, and Bass Canyon. 

“RAGE ROOM” exemplifies MARAUDA’s ability to make his music heavier and heavier, even when his listeners think that it is not possible. His talent comes in the form of making tearout sound interesting with every new release. 

His first release of the year, “SINEWS,” has a contagious beat with heavy bass while still maintaining an ominous sound. “RAGE ROOM” is a darker, more mechanical follow-up. 

MARAUDA is on a massive North American tour until June. Read more about the Rage Room tour here

Listen to “RAGE ROOM” on all streaming platforms. 

Find tickets to MARAUDA’S tour in your city here







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