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Dubstep Music Producer Sythen drops another EP to start the year 2023.

Sythen – Serpent Moon EP Cover

On the rise dubstep music producer Sythen, has released yet another high-caliber EP.
Fusing various dance styles and superior sound design into a cohesive piece titled,
“Serpent Moon.” In preparation for this EP, Sythen teased many new tracks on his first
installment of the, “Amongst the Thunder” project. Combining his signature melodic
sound with a heavy tear-out style sound design, Sythen continues to distinguish himself
as an artist.

“I love taking musical elements that don’t work, and I make them work. Basically
pushing yourself to be as creative as possible, that’s usually where you find
something special.” Sythen

From the ominous soundscapes in “Lootbagg,” to the heavy hearted Melodic Dubstep in
“Want Me,” Sythen’s Serpent Moon EP is one you do not want to miss.


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