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Marauda just announced one of the most explosive tours of the season along with an absolutely killer lineup that will truly contribute to the majorly hard dubstep that Marauda‘s known for, each with their own original touch.

Unlike many other artists in the scene, Marauda has established his authenticity by not speaking on the mic during sets, filling every last second with the filthiest, heaviest dubstep imaginable. 

With this, Marauda has become known and loved for his audio-visual production as well, guaranteeing to submerge each venue in the rage room atmosphere. Heavy bass and epic light displays are to be expected at each performance.

Photo by Marauda on Instagram

Marauda announced he will be bringing a variety of rising artists to do what they do best and throw down some heavy basslines with the addition of each of their authentic sounds. With some support from artists like Jessica Audifred, Al Ross, Chee, DRINKURWATER, Versa, and more, attendants can expect the rage room tour name to ring true.

It’s no surprise that Marauda chose to include support from artists who have the same wild stage energy and reputation for impressing fans with versatile and heavy sets each and every time. 

Photo by Marauda on Instagram

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