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Homemade Spaceship is putting his musical abilities on display with his debut album, Ghost Ride The Spaceship. With a blend of metal, hip-hop, bass music, and story-telling, the concept album takes the listener on a journey through space, as all of his music does.

The first half of Ghost Ride The Spaceship captures the main character’s adventures through the stars before the catastrophe. “Kick Dust” opens the album with prominent basslines and an electro-soul style. Hip-hop beats and wonky bass start Ghost Ride The Spaceship strong, preparing listeners for a ride into the galaxy. 

A flute lays down the melody for the following track, “Astro Jones,” with commanding trap and hip-hop beats before “Gassed Up” goes into otherworldly drops. “Spaceblaster” sounds just as it sounds with laser synths and funky guitars. “INTERLUDE” marks the middle of Homemade Spaceship’s first full-length project, slowing it down with dreamy 808-inspired beats.

“Elevation” brings the listener into a new world with compelling vocal harmonies that ascend into heavy bass. The record’s lead single, “Electric Indigo,” is followed by “Chaka,” sonically illustrating two characters connecting. Both are eclectic and melodic, filled with warm beats and guitars. Homemade Spaceship’s powerful drops continue into “My Sunshine,” a nostalgic track that marks the beginning of a new adventure for the characters. 

Ghost Ride The Spaceship ends with “Voyager Pt. 1,” an intricate track with simple, yet layered instruments that continue as the song slowly fills with dubstep. With vocal samples about the Milky Way and celestial bass, Homemade Spaceship has dropped a unique musical take on finding oneself. 

Ghost Ride The Spaceship is a metaphorical story of a wannabe spaceman trying to find their purpose and place in the infinite universe, using their homemade spaceship to blast off into outer space. Everyone has a Homemade Spaceship – mine is music. If you don’t have one just yet you can always borrow mine,”  Homemade Spaceship said about the story.

Along with creating music, Homemade Spaceship has curated live sets where he plays the flute and electric guitar live on top of DJing. His album release party, and largest headlining show, is going down in Denver on August 19th and tickets are available on Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom’s website. 

Homemade Spaceship is taking his style to another level with his debut album, drawing listeners into a sonic story. The album is now available on all streaming platforms here. Listen to Ghost Ride The Spaceship by Homemade Spaceship here: 

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