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Damiano Cortini, also known as Emorfik, is on the rise and making his mark on the heavy dubstep scene. In less than two months, the 20-year old has played EDC Orlando and Lost Lands. 

Emorfik began putting his music on Spotify in 2019 and started to post his mixes on TikTok just months later. In 2022 alone, he released eleven singles and the DUKES UP EP. He was signed to United Talent Agency at the beginning of this month and confirmed a collaboration with Svdden Death this week. 

Emorfik knew he wanted to make music after attending a Skrillex show when he was around twelve or thirteen. 

“I always listened to his music because I was so interested in the sounds I heard. Literally three drops into his set I knew I wanted to pursue djing as a career!” 

In May of this year, HE$H dropped Emorfik’s music at one of his shows. 

“I always dreamed of having artists play out my stuff. HE$H was one of the first to ever do it and I just remember the smile that was on my face seeing one of my songs be on a stage like that. It was a magical moment!” he said. 

Emorfik has had much success with his self-proclaimed angry music. The single, “Violence,” has garnered over 20,000 streams in just a month. “Try Me – VIP Version” has been well-received by listeners. The track combines emotion and substance with Emorfik’s aggressive sound.

“Honestly it is so insane,” he said, “Sometimes things happen so fast to where I don’t sit and think about everything but every night before bed I do. I basically replay how my whole year went down and feel so grateful.” 

“I couldn’t be more happy with the amount of love that I have been given and I will always be so grateful for all of you.”

Emorfik’s next show is on November 30th in Tallahassee, Florida. He is set to play shows into January, but it is safe to assume that there are many more to come in 2023. 

When asked about future projects, Emorfik said, “I have one in the works with HE$H and a few of my buddies like Blaize, Kill Phil, and some other homies.”

“I have so much planned for next year and I cannot wait to show the world,” he continued.

Emorfik is a rising producer that is not one to miss and the support and growth that he has gained over the last year proves that.


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