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It’s no secret to fans of his music that every LSDream set is an ethereal experience with unparalleled energy. It’s clear that with quite the cult following, music fans have been captivated by the spiritual essence of his music. From experimental bass to space bass classics, LSDream has fans traveling the country to catch his out-of-this-world sets.

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer

Red Rocks Park Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado is undoubtedly a spiritual experience for attendees every time, and easily a favorite venue in Colorado. Many Colorado natives as well as artists who have performed have even stated that Red Rocks holds an authentic, unmatchable energy that no other venue does. Fans of all kinds of music come out of the woodwork for each big Red Rocks show, in turn contributing to creating a place of love and unity, where everyone can bond over their mutual love for music.

LSDream accurately represents the bass capital love and essence in both his music and his sets, easily making him one of the best, most sought-after artists to see at Red Rocks. Fans are ecstatic to hear that LSDream announced he’ll be headling Red Rocks for a 2-hour set, on October 12, 2023, with special guests to be announced.

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer

With the combination of experimental space bass king LSDream‘s positive and authentic energy and the spiritual, musical vortex that is Red Rocks Amphitheater, Dream Rocks on October 12 will surely be a night that lives on in everyone’s memories. The presale begins Wednesday at 10 am MST.

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