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Talented producer, musician, and singer Alison Wonderland has announced she will be starting her own record label. She further proves herself to be a jack of all trades with the announcement of this new business venture. This comes as very exciting news for the EDM Community, artists, and fans alike.

Photo by Kiddest Meferia

She’s made it clear that her intentions with this label will be to give the control back to the artists, focusing on their freedom to release whatever they like on this label and give artists more power in decisions. Many artists in the EDM community have expressed their concern about the ongoing issue of artists not having enough creative power over their labels. As a result, many are excited to see her pursuing these aspirations and making positive changes to the EDM community. 

Photo by Alison Wonderland on Twitter

This announcement follows the news that she will be starting a side project under the name Whyte Fang in 2023 that will showcase some of her tracks that stray from her typical sound. She hinted on Twitter that Whyte Fang could be one of the first on her new label. Several other artists expressed interest in joining the label as well, so we can only predict that this will be the start of a powerhouse record label.

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