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A little over five months into its release, Seven Lions’ visceral debut album ‘Beyond the Veil’ will see the release of its corresponding remix album.

The remix album boasts a loaded cast of characters. MitiS, Au5, Trivecta, Gem & Tauri, Star Seed, 3LAU, Kompany, Remnant.exe, Oddly Godly, and Far Out each put their own signature spins on various tunes from ‘Beyond the Veil.’

Several of these remixes have yet to surface, but Gem & Tauri‘s take on ‘Miss You’ has been out for months already.

3LAU‘s deep house rework of ‘Falling Fast’ followed with its official release on March 10.

We’ve also gotten teasers for others.

Trivecta’s remix of ‘Between’ has been a feature rinse in some of both his and Seven Lions‘ sets recently.

MitiS makes ‘Stop Thinking’ his own with his melodic bass rework.

Far Out‘s progressive house spin of ‘Beyond the Veil’ is impossible to sit still to.

And Kompany wreaks havoc with his heavy dub bust of ‘Every Time’, which Seven Lions rinses at the 41′ minute mark of his Lake Kachess, Washington DJ Set.

‘Beyond the Veil’ has been extremely well received and is an impressive blend of familiar Seven Lions production staples with elements and ideas that evolve and challenge the melodic bass sound we know. The remix album seems poised to add flare, innovation and new flavors to the already incredible work.

The remixes drop this Friday, March 31.

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